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Blvck Lamborghini

To celebrate the New Year, Blvck Paris unveiled his first collaborative artwork with famous YouTuber Joeman Weng, transforming the famous Huracan Lamborghini into a branded Blvck Paris customised car. 

The car’s exterior features a sleek signature snake artwork with black car decals portraying BLVCK logo. 

Other additional touches — such as the bold floral logo on the side— emphasize the Blvck design of the Huracan, while the vehicle also comes with eye-catching Blvck Monogram custom wing mirrors. 

Blvck Paris now returns with a new collaborative project, to transform the Ferrari 488 into a Blvck Paris customised car. The new design includes the Blvck monograms and doesn't fail to grab the attention of viewers with the new signature rose Artwork.