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'Blvck x Coup' Rosé

Following the success of the first collaboration selling out in just a few weeks, Blvck Paris and Coup have teamed up again to present a limited edition Rosé which is releasing just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Celebrate with the limited edition 'Blvck x Coup' bottle of Grand Reserve Rosé in matte black. For this new collaboration, two premium black flutes made of crystal are being introduced as part of the third package. 

As part of this collaboration, 3 packages are available to purchase: 

1. Hand painted 'Blvck x Coup' matte black Rosé bottle for $100

2. 'Blvck x Coup' matte black Rosé bottle + hard case for $150

3. 'Blvck x Coup' bottle + case + two black glasses of champagne for $200 ($25 discount applied at checkout) 

Perfect as a gift, a collectible or as a group gifting for your family, clients, accomplished team members or collaborators. 

Limited time only.

About the Champagne

Grand Reserve Rosé Champagne by J. de Telmont.

The initial nose reveals citrus fruit notes (grapefruit and lemon). When swirled, berry notes emerge (strawberry ,raspberry and grape),with cherry eventually dominating. In the mouth, the taste buds really explode as if biting into a Morello cherry. Delicate and long lasting mouthfeel on the finish.

16% Pinot Noir, 42% Pinot Meunier and 42% Chardonnay

Founded in 1912, J. de Telmont is a family story with four generations of artisan champagne-making. Grapes are delicately harvested by hand at a precise time each season. The wine-making and ageing start in oak barrels and then, in rare tradition, are bottled with the art of 'tiré-bouché liège' or ageing on natural cork. Riddling is still hand-made. The family proudly perpetuates with passion their traditions and develops it with ambition for the on-going search of excellence.