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'Blvck x Coup' Champagne

Blvck Paris is proud to launch our first collaboration with Coup, to create a limited-edition 'Blvck x Coup' matte black bottle of champagne - available to purchase here.

The bottle – which starts from $100 – has been created with the brand’s iconic logo. 

The packaging comes in 3 options: 

1. Hand painted matte black bottle + Laser Engraved Saber + Hard Case

 2. Hand painted matte black bottle + Hard Case

3. Hand painted matte black 'Blvck x Coup' bottle

About the champagne: 

2004 Vintage Brut Champagne by J. de Telmont.

90 Points: Gillbert and Gaillard. The nose opens up to delicate notes of ripe lemon, white-fleshed fruits and brioche. Lovely volume, full body yet also freshness and mellowness on the palate. Remarkable fullness and lengthy fruit exposure.

Pinot Munier: 40%, Pinot Noir: 20%, Chardonnay: 40%

Founded in 1912, J. de Telmont is a family story with four generations of artisan champagne-making. Grapes are delicately harvested by hand at a precise time each season. The wine-making and ageing start in oak barrels and then, in rare tradition, are bottled with the art of 'tiré-bouché liège' or ageing on natural cork. Riddling is still hand-made. The family proudly perpetuates with passion their traditions and develops it with ambition for the on-going search of excellence.