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Blvck Paris - Reviews

Here is a list of all our reviews from verified customers. We pride ourselves on our top quality products and Blvck Experience. Our belief is that every customer deserves the best and they shouldn't settle for mediocrity - And our customer reviews reflect this.

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Blvck Tumbler
Marjory Quail
Beautiful and functional

I have used this tumbler for nearly 3 years. It does a fantastic job of keeping ice-cold drinks. The metal straw that came with the tumbler unexpectedly became an item that I use daily! It was loud and made an abrasive noise with the metal interior of this item, so I took it out and now use it frequently with glass or ceramic. I am impressed that the metal straw looks as new as the day I took it out of the box. The brilliant matte finishing of the tumbler does wear off, so take great care when handling this item. I noticed the bottom began to wear down by just placing it on various surfaces after a week, so since then, I have had an extra silicone sleeve protecting it. Any scratch or bump will deteriorate the outer surface of this item to reveal the metal underneath, and that can be seen in the image I provided. I recommend hand-washing this tumbler and cleaning out the metal straw with a pipe cleaner or a brush meant for straws. If any discoloration happens from the inside of the tumbler from various drinks, all you need to do is use a vinegar and warm water solution with a gentle sponge.

Bold Hoodie
Marjory Quail
My favorite Hoodie

-Images depicted are after a year of regular use-

I got this hoodie two sizes too big and then had it fitted to be like a tunic. It looks so stylish and it is very comfotable.

Unfortunately, the brilliant black color fades from the hoodie as you wash it, especially if you wear it often. Even when taking great care to use cold water cycles and air dry the fabric, after about a year of use, the black color has faded to a dark grey.

The color faded gradually at the cuffed area around six months into use, and now the cuffs are much darker than the rest of the hoodie. The grey lettering on the back of the hoodie is fantastic quality, it has not deteriorated at all!

If you want this article of clothing to remain a brilliant black, all you need to do is re-dye it at home at your convenience.

Soft and good material

I really love the material of the pants and their other products.

Internal Rip in Lining after 3 trips

Love love love the bag. I get compliments every where I go. Absolutely disappointed after carrying on three flights there is a rip in the lining!😫

Fantastic quality. VERY small.

I was surprised how small this bag is. It's alarmingly small! Just because of the size I considered returning it only for the reason of it being so small. Daily packing with a stylish look only. Possibly a casual weekend trip but you'd need to compensate it with an actual suit case to carry all your other items.

Regardless of the size, the quality and build is exceptional. Zipper is very smooth to open and close and the internal pocket is also very nice. The packaging and box it came in is also very impressive and a very pleasing aesthetic.

Clean af, love the collab!

Perfect fit; great quality, stitching, & color! The unboxing experience was incredible, would absolutely recommend!


Overall the coat is amazing…stylish, comfortable and extremely warm…this maybe just me, but when putting it on, in the sleeves it dose tighten a lot around the forearm area…but it’s an awesome coat and I love it

Nice variety

I'm sharing these with my nephews and all things blvck with them.

Obtainable luxury.

Ok, so I was nervous ordering this bag. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this brand. When the package arrived I was instantly impressed with the packaging/presentation of this backpack. The large matte black box exudes luxury. The dust bag is a nice touch, too. But the bag itself is simple in its design: minimalistic. But the material and aroma of a well made leather product is apparent. The price is more than fair for this bag. My only criticism that the zipper could be smoother. I had to fight with it a little at first, but it’s breaking in, I think.

My Favorite Boots!

It’s very hard to find an ankle/short boot that won’t look strange on my short height or unflattering around my not-thin-not-thick calves. These are perfect for me, everything about them. So much so I bought two pairs.

Blvck iOS14 Icons Set
Pedro Andrés Gómez Macías
I rock my phone this way

It’s great to suit such change, oled display make color icons pop up

Good quality, but doesn’t suit my phone

The quality of the case is good. But it doesn’t look that good on my 14 pro max. The snake on the cover is smaller due to the camera frame size.

Blvck Calendar

Coinvent, it is small which I didn't like at first but it grew on me, I can fold it and take with me from office to my home. is also great because it fits well on my desk. Glad it came with pen to write notes, if you are a busy person I would also buy another pen or refill too. Would recommend, looking forward for 2023 calendar.

Blvck Bunny

the material is very soft and of high quality, love it.

Mastered Aesthetic

After finding out how to finally customize my home screen, I ran over to BLVCK & downloaded this pack right away. Couldn’t thank you anymore for how amazing my phone finally looks. It feels more like me! Fantastic work!

So excited!

I bought the minis and they came in cool packaging and honestly I can’t wait to use them. I just placed an order for the bigger ones as well.

Best Wallet

This is the best wallet I have ever had. This is one year of wear & tear on this wallet & it still looks as good as new. Fitting metal cards, ID, Insurance Card & Cash in it I can say it holds up super well. Never had any issues with it at any job, task, event etc. It receives multiple compliments, people always ask where did I get my wallet from. The black for sure compliment's the gold, might get the monogram one next to have options for going out.

Bold Stripe Hoodie
Lynn Pinkrah
Blvck Bold Stripe Hoodie (White)

Boyfriend LOVEDDDDD IT! Bought it as a birthday gift. I will be purchasing from here again, but this time it will be for me!

Worth the money

Spent 2 hours customizing my phone, but it was well worth it

Blvck Tokyo Pants
Erin Pratt
Tokyo Pants

they fit great, they feel great, and they’re really good womens pants for those looking for tech wear

Very Cool Looking

Love my coasters. Great quality and add that nice gothic aesthetic!

Living his best life

Love the duck. Exactly what I hoped he would be. He fits perfectly in his new surroundings.


I must point out the great customer service and help I got from them.
The delivery was a bit slow, but it was Christmas time so I understand. Everybody had much more to do than during the rest of the year.
The notebook and pen I received are great and I really like them.
I already recommended it to my friends and they made purchases. I will definitely order more things.
Also, I hope you will extend your offer.

Great note book.

The product exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure from opening the box, reading the thank you note to finally holding the note book. The texture is amazing and I love writing in it.

Blvck Monogram Hoodie



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