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Very good presets😍

It goes with me everywhere

I sincerely carry this cup with me everyday. At home, in the office, in the car, at work. Ice stays frozen for over 5 hours. Good for water & iced coffee. Looks just like the pictures, sleek and professional. Metal straw is a game changer.


The appearance on the mobile is an elegant black, I recommend it.

Had my eye on this hoodie for a while and I’m so glad I bought it, It’s super comfy, fits perfectly and looks awesome.



I love the snake design on the blvck products and this phone case was nicer than I expected!


Thanks blvck!

Excelent design

My iPhone has never looked so amazing.


I absolutely love these icons, they are by far my favorite!


Amazing Icon sets! Looks amazing and a good variety! Downloaded the black monochrome set and it makes my iPhone 12 Pro mean-looking!

Luxury look 🖤😎

Very Cool Icons

As a Graphic Designer I can appreciate a good design. These icons are right up there. Clean, cool and creative. Delivery was smooth and effortless. Thank you. #allblvckeverything


Beyond perfect logos to use (and so many of them !) which were really easy to customize with the help of the video as well. I love the all black aesthetic in life and now my phone matches too :) It also helps with being on my phone at night I've noticed but that's just a side bonus. Absolutely in love !

Fresh minimalist look

The icons give the home screen a fresh look, which will make your phone stand apart from the others.
They are great looking, but the only bad thing which isn't a fault of the icons themselves is the fact that it opens the Shortcuts app, hoping that Apple will allow us replacing the original app icons without going through it.


My iPhone haven't looked more better, than it does now. (english is my second language)

Playing Cards

I love the cards a lot especially because it’s black and it looks so elegant when using them! 💜 definitely would recommend to anyone

High Quality. Very Sleek and Very Aesthetic.

Absolutely Love This Card Holder. Very Sleek and Aesthetic Looking and I get Compliments on It All The Time. Looks Especially good paired with AMEX cards lol. Shipping was very quick to Atlanta (about 2-3 days). It only holds 4 cards though so pick your favourite 3 and your License and you should be good to go. All the best and hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

Stylish & Comfortable

Love my set of Blvck masks. Stylish and comfortable. I rotate them so they stay fresh. They are washable too.

The ultimate in playing cards

The look is classic “BLVCK” stylish & chic. I love these cards so much that I don’t want anyone to touch them. Might order another set for playing.

Love it

Love the look love the texture , great quality product

Awesome products

Love the service, the unboxing experience it's great thanks

Just woooow

It's awesome super super...
Shape amazing so happy with it 😍♥️..

In love with Blvck and Whte

What can I say? Those are just amazing products! Nice fabric, nice fit, looks absolutely amazing.
I just love it.


It‘s really comfortable and looking good, shipping was good and fast

Lush 🖤

Such a nice brand. 10/10. 🖤