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Customer Reviews

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Juan Eduardo Ramírez García
Blvck Notebook with Pen

Excellent !!!
I write thoughts of the heart only !!!

Sammie wicks
Great notebook.

Great notebook. It’s become my favorite one to write in. The pens write smoothly but run out fairly quickly.

All Black but the Review is Bright and Shiny

I actually got 2 of the black notebook and pens. I thought it only came with a single pen but was surprised to get two! This stays in my studio for notes, drawings, quotes I write down and whatever else comes to mind. Pretty much everyone who see’s it comments on how good it looks. When these run out, I’ll be grabbing another.

Pages are really solid as far texture and durability goes. No ink bleeding through and haven’t torn or scuffed easily either. Pretty confident I can keep these for a long time once the pages are full.


Luis Maza Garcia

Blvck Notebook with Pen

Margaret Kwan
Sleek and Smooth

I love that the mini notebook set came with 2 colored pens and a microfiber cloth (to which I'm assuming cleans grease and finger prints off the surface of the notebook). It's small and pocketable. Very well done.