Metalinq x Blvck Paris

The first ever interoperable fashion wearables collection 

Blvck Paris has partnered with Metalinq to launch the first-ever interoperable wearable collection using the Metalinq Protocol. Blvck Paris will launch the new collection simultaneously on three different metaverses!

Unlocking true ownership through interoperability

There are so many Metaverses and tremendous synergies between them. However, currently, these digital worlds exist in silos. Users are unable to transfer digital assets from one metaverse to another. It’s the sneaker dilemma.

The Metalinq protocol breaks the borders between metaverses! Using the protocol, brands and NFT projects can launch NFT wearables that users can wear in different metaverses. And it’s done in a seamless and trustless way.

Blvck Paris will use the Metalinq protocol to launch their cross-platform Metaverse wearable collection — launching on multiple Metaverses simultaneously. They are leveraging the Metalinq creator community to convert their 2D designs into multi-metaverse-compatible 3D designs.

The wearables launch will consist of several designs based on the ‘outfits’ and ‘accessories’ layers from their original Blvck Genesis NFT collection.

About Blvck Paris

Blvck Paris is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2017 by French designer Julian O’hayon. The brand has developed an engaged community of millions of social media followers and customers worldwide. Blvck is known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories and digital goods. Blvck strives to pioneer an aspirational lifestyle from visual content to merchandise, pursuing quality and design. In 2021, the brand opened stores worldwide in Tokyo, Miami, Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong and Macau. Blvck recently launched their Blvck Genesis NFT collection, which consists of 9,999 Blvck avatar NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

By launching with Metalinq, Blvck Paris will reward holders of the Genesis NFT collection with an exclusive wearables drop. The Blvck Paris community members will be able to wear their Blvck wearables with different avatars in the metaverse of their choice. The wearables will be compatible across multiple graphic styles and metaverse standards!

Ready to travel the Multiverse?

Blvck Paris’s new wearables is a fantastic first collection to launch on Metalinq. It will be the first of many new partnerships to allow brands to launch interoperable wearables that offer real utility across multiple metaverses. By combining the amazing designs created by Blvck Paris with Metalinq’s cutting-edge technology, users will finally own a borderless digital asset. Metalinq believes in a web3 world without barriers between digital environments. We know there will be multiple metaverses. Many will build walled gardens. We believe that users should experience the multiverse. Where everyone can easily jump from one world to another and take their wearables with them.

Are you ready to join us on this journey into the Multiverse?!

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