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Holiday Gift Guide 🖤

Are you looking for the best products to gift and to get this holiday season? You came to the right place. The Blvck team has curated a selective list of all black products including clothing and accessories to help you through this holiday season! 

This list is the perfect resource to turn to for 'all black everything' lovers when you don’t know what to get on your holiday shopping list. 

Blvck Notebook 

The Blvck team all time favorite...A unique and handmade all black diary, which comes with two magic pens (one in gold and one silver ink). Where else would you record your best memories and thoughts?

Blvck Bold Jacket

Everyone needs a good, cozy jacket for winter, and this one is beyond soft with its sherpa material. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for the winter and Christmas season! 

 Blvck Puzzle

This 60-piece puzzle comes all black and makes it a very challenging and aesthetically pleasing. Are you ready for a challenge?

The black jigsaw puzzle make the perfect gift and ideal for someone who already has everything black. They can be appreciated solo or with friends/family. They also can be kept for a lifetime! 

The Blvck Playing Cards

Perfect for days with the family or to host a game night with friends. Each card features a beautiful matte black finish with subtle glossy highlights to reveal the design and unique details.

Blvck Plush Collection 

Snuggle up with your new favorite teddy bear or the all black bunny as you blvck out your lifestyle!  The all black Plush family makes it a perfect adorable gift for friends and family during the festive season such as Christmas or New Year. 

'Blvck x Coup' Champagne 

A bottle of champagne is a perfect gift to celebrate the holidays and spoil your loved ones. This matte black bottle of champagne comes in a luxurious hard case with a saber, which makes it not only fun to open but also a luxurious gift you can keep and show off for a long time! 

In addition, the team recently opened orders for a new mini version of the matte black champagne bottle that is customizable with any names you want! More information can be found here.

Looking for a unique gift this festive season? Check out this unboxing video on Youtube with some of our best sellers: