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Celebrate the festive season with our hand-picked collection of perfect gifts, all under $60!

1. The Blvck Teddy Christmas Keychain

The exclusive 'Blvck Evil Teddy Christmas Keyring' is a limited festive edition that allows you to carry a touch of luxury with you. Made from the finest 100% cotton, it features a branded black hoodie and exquisite details, showcasing its stylish 'All Black' aesthetic.

An ideal gift, or a keepsake to be treasured, this plush and charming keyring is sure to please all who are searching for a chic and fashionable accessory.

Small Blvck Teddy Bear is 4inch/10cm high. The product is handmade and size may slightly vary.

2. Blvck Christmas Stocking

Perched atop the mantel, or decorating presents under the festive bough, our velvet and faux fur Blvck Christmas Stocking is sure to spread the holiday merriment.

 3. 'Blvck x Keith Haring' Notebook

Step up your note-taking game with the luxe 'Blvck x Keith Haring' Notebook.

Crafted with a knock-out hardback design and soft-touch, matte black finish, this notebook will be the envy of everyone.

The front cover features a popular image by Keith Haring with a mesmerizing rainbow finish.


@blvckparis Step up your note-taking game with the luxe Blvck x Keith Haring Notebook. 📓🖤 #blvck #blvckparis #keithharing ♬ son original - Blvck Paris

 4. 'Blvck x Keith Haring' Candle

 Discover the 'Blvck x Keith Haring' candle, a 8.8 x 10cm luxury home accessory that breathes aromatic velvet rose. Revel in the matte black external with delicate rainbow UV details and black wax.

 5. Blvck Teddy Candle 

Introducing the 'Blvck Teddy Candle' as a perfect addition to your home! Diffuse your home with the encapsulating black cedar and juniper fragrance.

Candle color: Matte Black and Black Wax

There are two sizes available to purchase: 

-  Blvck Mini Candle: 10.5*13*9.4cm (about 25% smaller than the regular one)

-  Blvck Regular Candle: 13.9cm x 12.5cm x17.4cm


 6. Blvck Pet Bowl

Unleash some love this holiday season for your adorable pet! Our matte black ceramic dog bowl is perfect for your pooch's everyday feeding needs. It's covered in UV glossy black with iconic monograms, adding a touch of adventure to mealtime.

 7. Blvck Coffee Cup 

Got a friend who can't survive without their daily coffee fix? We've got the perfect gift in mind! This modern tumbler sports insulated stainless steel construction to keep your drinks piping hot or icy cold for up to 24 hours. Bye-bye to mundane mugs; arrive to that next level of the Blvck lifestyle.

8. Blvck Lucky Cat

Want to send well wishes to someone special for the upcoming year?

In our Matte Black signature colour, introducing the 'Blvck Lucky Cat'. Lucky cats are a symbol of prosperity in Asian culture

 9. Blvck x PSG Soccer Ball

Play with your new favorite 'Blvck x PSG' soccer ball. 

Perfect as a gift, a collectible or to shoot some hoops... .

10. Blvck Playing Cards

Bring a whole new look to your card games with this unique set of blackout 'Blvck Playing Cards'.

Each card features a beautiful matte black finish with subtle glossy highlights to reveal the design and details. The unique glossy black details reflect the light, changing the design from ultra black to bright white.

The Blvckout Bundle includes 2x Blvck Playing Cards Packs, 4x Premium 'All Black' Dice with complimentary gift packaging included for the ultimate Blvck experience.


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