Embrace the Dark Side - Blvck Paris unveils the ‘blackest black’ tee

Stemming from Blvck’s goal of creating an aspirational experience and the highest quality of products, the brand is proud to  unveil their newest addition - the shadowless Tee.  This limited edition T-shirt is only available to Blvck Genesis NFT holders with specific traits. The introduction of Musou black fabric is the perfect addition to our extensive list of offerings and for our goal of achieving the “Blackest Black” look possible.

The Musou fabric is sourced from Japan, comprised and created by vertically arranged rayon piles with proprietary black dyes and weaving patterns that can absorb up to 99.9% of visible-light making it the world’s blackest fabric.

The product will not be available for sale and will only be available to Blvck Genesis NFT holders who have the specific, ‘Shadowless Tee’ trait (only 0.14% of the collection) of the NFT collection, that matches the look of the new T-Shirt, the Blvck Shadow Tee.

Back in May 2022, the brand launched its NFT collection, a collection of 9,998 Blvck Genesis Avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain and available to purchase on Opensea. The collection acts as an exclusive membership to the brand. A new experience unlocking global events, access to collaborative immersive experience and unique products powered by Web3 technology. 


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