Blvck Paris: Into the Metaverse

Partnership with Decentraland Games

Blvck Paris has formed a partnership with Decentraland Games. If you are a Blvck Genesis NFT holder, you would have received a surprise airdrop for an exclusive NFT wearable!

With this NFT wearable, you can customise your avatar around Decentraland and even play in ICE Poker's new Tournament mode at no cost!


What is the Metaverse?

So, you’ve read about the partnership, and the airdrop and got excited? That’s great! But what now? To further understand the significance and benefits of this, you’ll first need to grasp the concept of the metaverse in its entirety.

The metaverse can be defined as a virtual space that is limited only by your imagination! Creators and companies can host digital stores, artists can host virtual events, concerts and so much more. Multi-platform virtual worlds might seem like a new concept today, but they have existed for years now ranging from video games to social media.

Case Study #1

Covid is rampant in the streets and many countries and cities are in lockdown. After several weeks of isolation, they'll start to feel angsty and claustrophobic at home. With the Metaverse and AR/VR, they can virtually meet their friends and even attend concerts that are happening in the virtual world – The Metaverse.

Relationship between NFTs and the Metaverse

Now that you have an understanding of what the metaverse is and what it’s capable of, you might wonder how your NFT comes into play? Excellent question!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) now have a wide range of applications but among them, one of the most promising utilities is as digital objects in the metaverse.

With this, you can represent your Virtual self with your NFT in the Metaverse! You can attend digital parties, live virtual events and even interact with your friends using your favourite NFT as your avatar.

NFTs in the Metaverse can also be used as proof for asset ownership – Let’s take a look at a case study to further illustrate this point:

Case Study #2 

Jane has been wanting to buy a Blvck Paris Outerwear for the longest time but has no physical stores near her to try it on. With the opening of Blvck Paris’s Metaverse store, she can virtually proceed to try on the merchandise and purchase an NFT of the exact merchandise she wants to buy as proof of ownership. This NFT would allow her to redeem it for the respective physical product and as it is cryptographically verifiable, the Blvck Paris team can verify its authenticity on the spot.

Live Event and Giveaways

Blvck Paris X Decentraland Games Event Details

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’re hosting a party in Decentraland at DG’s Venue!

Come by with your Wearables and enjoy live music by DJ T-RAX and chill vibes with like-minded members of the Blvck Community! 

We'll also be doing a Giveaway where the winners get to pick between a full Blvck monogram physical tracksuit or a Blvck Genesis NFT – Your choice!

To participate in the giveaway, simply spot Sloth from our community in Tominoya Casino and take a screenshot of him! Post that screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #BlvckxDCG and finally post a screenshot of your tweet in the "Proof" Channel on Discord!

Administrative details for the event are as follows:

  • Date: 21st October 2022 (Friday)
  • Time: 10 am EST
  • Location: Tominoya Casino in Decentraland (-119,136) 

Event Details

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