Blvck Paris: An Upgrade


When Blvck Paris launched their NFT collection, Blvck Genesis, in May 2022, it was done with the idea to bridge the gap between WEB2 and WEB3 fully. Blvck needed to provide holders with a mechanism to identify and use their perks and obtain digital discounts to accomplish this goal. To fill this void, Blvck created the dedicated NFT website for Blvck Genesis, However, this was an integral stepping stone towards the grand mission to fully merge WEB2 with WEB3 - what we needed was for this to be implemented on the main website and that was what Blvck set out to accomplish.

With today’s announcement on our Discord, we are proud to announce that the merging of our NFT website with our flagship website has been completed and is fully operational. This comes with the added benefit that it is vertically integrated with our official website and therefore ensures that your shopping and staking experience is as seamless as possible.

Benefits and Perks

This novel NFT integration to Blvck welcomes a myriad of benefits for the holders of Blvck Genesis and provides a seamless shopping experience for them with their NFTs perks and even claiming of phygital products!

Genesis Tier

(1 NFT Required)

  • 20% Discount on All items except collaborative Items
  • Access to Global Events
  • Ability to stake your NFT [Refer Here]
  • Airdrops and Limited Edition NFT Products
  • Access to our exclusive Discord Channel for Alphas and much more

Shark Tier

(5 NFTs Required)

  • 25% Discount on All items except Collaborative Items
  • All benefits from Genesis Tier
  • Bi-monthly Blvck merchandise giveaway

Whale Tier

(10 NFTs Required)

  • 30% Discount on All Items except Collaborative Items
  • All benefits from Shark Tier
  • Exclusive Blvck-Themed NFC Business card

Humpback Tier

(20 NFTs Required)

  • 35% Discount on All Items except Collaborative Items
  • All benefits from Whale Tier
  • Customized VIP Experience
  • Blvck Welcome Kit Box


To give you a better understanding, here is a breakdown of the tier system where X is your number of Black Genesis NFTs held in your wallet.

  1. Genesis Tier:   1 ≤ X < 5
  2. Shark Tier:       5 ≤  X <10
  3. Whale Tier:    10 ≤ X < 20
  4. Humpback Tier:     X ≥ 20

In addition to the discounts, all Black Genesis NFT holders, regardless of their tiers, can claim a free Blvck IOS icon set! Read on below for details on how to claim this freebie!

Navigating the Site 

Now that you know the benefits of the integration, let's dive into how to properly utilize them! On the bottom left of the screen on the website, you will find a button similar one in the figure below.

Unlock Perks

To access your perks and discount codes, click on it and you'll be prompted to connect your wallet.

Connect wallet to WEB3 page

As shown in the figure below, you will then need to sign a transaction similar to the one you signed when connecting your wallet to the staking site. This signature ensures you own the wallet address. Those who are skeptical about signing transactions, and you should be, can rest assured that this signature is safe and secure since it does not interact with the blockchain in any way.  

Signing A Transaction


Now that you've connected your wallet to our website, you'll notice a 100% Discount such as the one below! This discount is only applicable for the Blvck IOS Icon Set!

Blvck 100% Discount

By clicking on the Activate button, you will be prompted to sign a transaction similar to the one you previously signed to verify ownership of the wallet. Upon successful verification, the discount will be applied to your order and you'll be able to claim the free iOS icon set!

Discount Applied

The same procedure can be used to apply the discounts associated with your respective tier for your desired merchandise straight from the website itself! 

Blvck Website

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