Blvck x Asian TV Awards

Blvck welcomes the Asian TV Awards as an official collaborative partner.

The collaboration will include a very limited edition 'Blvck x Asian TV Awards' Teddy Bear, dressed for the occasion.

There are only a very limited amount produced and some will be reserved for celebrities and partners of the brand. Holders of both NFT collections, Blvck and Glitzy Tribe, the Web3 community of Asian TV Awards will get priority and a 20% discount to purchase the item before it goes on sale to the public. 

About the Asian TV Awards 
The Asian Television Awards was launched in 1996 and is the largest entertainment, content and Broadcast Awards in Asia Pacific. 
The awards celebrate and reward programming and production excellence in the Asian television industry.
About Glitzy Tribe

The Asian TV Awards announced their NFT collection 'Glitzy Tribe' going for sale on October 18th. 

Glitzy Tribe is a community of users who are into Asian entertainment – movies, drama, music, e-games, sports, animation and anime. They may be actors, actresses, hosts, e-gamers, athletes, singers, composers, film directors, scriptwriters, copywriters, digital artists, executive producers, investors in the entertainment industry and those who are entertainment lovers.

The benefits of being part of this community includes:

  • Access to Asian TV Awards events
  • Access to similar events HK Film Festival, Singapore Film Festival 
  • Micro Investment NFT the Asian TV Awards team will curate 4 projects annually and take an equity stake in them. This will in turn be fractionalized into 5000 pieces for Glitzy Tribe members to participate in.
  • Luxury NFT the Asian TV Awards will work with one fashion / accessories / eye wear or sportswear brand to create exclusive merchandise only available to Glitzy Tribe members
  • Social NFT 10% of all proceeds will be put into an escrow account to fund internships for students in the media and communications industry. We will use our network to source internships for students at TV stations and production studios.

To find our more about them: 

GlitzyTribe Discord serverGlitzyTribe Twitter accountAsian TV Awards WebsiteAsian TV Awards TwitterAsian TV Awards Facebook 


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