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Blvck Filter To Take Your Stories To The Next Level

In January, we launched the Blvck filter available on our Instagram page. The filter uses augmented reality to blvck out the world around you and enables you to take your Instagram stories to the next level! 

In just three months, our filter has been used over 45 millions times around the world. We are developing some new ones, follow us on our Instagram page to be the first to heard about it. 



It’s a dark world. 🖤🥀 ##dark ##blvck ##filter ##blvckfilter ##amsterdam ##aesthetic

♬ original sound - blvckparis


The photo below was taken without any filters:

The same photo was taken using the Blvck Filter:


How to find it ? 

Go to our @black Instagram profile directly. From there, swipe right next to our photo grid to find all of the filters we have created, which will appear beneath the smiley face icon. Make sure you have the latest Instagram update and a 'not too old' device.