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Gift Guide for your holidays!

Surprise your loved ones this year with these thoughtful and original gifts! We've curated some of our brand favorites which make perfect gifts for the holiday season. Whether you're after something a little different, such as the Blvck Cookbook, or something practical with our Blvck Duffel Bag or Blvck Tote Bag, at Blvck Paris, we have you covered! The Blvck Paris Gift Guide gives an overview for the perfect gifts this season. All of our Blvck Paris products are beautifully designed, emphasising quality and aesthetics, with a bespoke unboxing experience. These gifts will not disappoint!

1. The Blvck Cookbook

Apply creativity and have fun exploring different dishes, curated from different chefs around the world, with a touch of black.

Mouthwatering, visually aesthetic, and tasty, this book contains around 40 recipes ranging from your favorite cocktails, appetisers, desserts and meals. 

The book also makes a great collectible as a coffee book for the living room or  kitchen. 


2. The Blvck Globe

Discover the world from your living room with the Blvck Globe. The globe comes in a nice packaging and makes it the perfect timeless Art-deco gift.

3. Blvck Baseball Set

Swing like a pro with the Blvck Baseball Set.
This the Blvck Baseball Set features a bat which is designed with Aluminium Alloy, a lightweight material in matte black and suitable for soft ball only. 

4. Blvck Duffel Bag

Travel in style with the  Classic Blvck Duffel Bag. Featuring a minimalist 'All Black' silhouette and a considered layout to keep all your belongings organized, it's the perfect accessory to elevate your lifestyle.

Made from luxurious 100% Saffiano Leather, the Classic Blvck Duffel is designed to last a lifetime. All our leather goods are handmade with care, giving each a unique character and ensuring maximum quality.

The main compartment features an abundance of space to store your clothes, laptop, accessories or other essentials. It also features a zipped pocket on the inside to offer easy access to your phone, wallet, passport etc.

To stay comfortable, adjustable padded straps and handles are included as well as an ultra-lightweight build to not weigh you down.

5. Blvck Cashmere Set 

For the ultimate in laid-back luxury, introducing the 'Blvck Cashmere Bra' for a snug fit. Complete the set with the coordinating shorts.

6. Blvck Tote Bag

Stay organized in style with the Brand New,  'Blvck Tote Bag'. Featuring a minimalist silhouette and a considered layout to keep all your essentials organized, it's the perfect accessory to elevate your lifestyle.

Made from black transparent PVC and the straps are made from luxurious Saffiano leather, the Blvck Transparent Backpack is designed to last a lifetime. All our backpacks are handmade with care, giving each a unique character and ensuring maximum quality.

7. Blvck Evil Twin Teddy Bear Keychain

Bring your new favorite 'Blvck Evil Teddy Bear Keyring' wherever as you go.

Made from ultra-soft 100% cotton, the 'Blvck Evil Teddy Bear Keyring' features it's own removable Branded Blvck Hoodie and subtle external details to give the 'All Black' look.

Perfect as a gift, a collectible or as a toy... Anyone who needs an adorable accessory in their lives will love the 'Blvck Teddy Bear.

Small Blvck Teddy Bear is 4inch/10cm high. 

8. Blvck Evil Twin Teddy Bear Hoodie

The 'Blvck Evil Twin Teddy Bear Hoodie' features a one-of-a-kind look with a Blvck teddy Illustration in an attentive embroidery on the front.

Made from ultra-soft 100% Terry Cotton, this limited edition hoodie keeps you warm and stylish all day long. 

Unisex fit for those who want to match their partner's look for this holidays' season.

9. Blvck Playing Cards

Bring a whole new look to your card games with the brand new set of blackout 'Blvck Playing Cards'.

Each card features a beautiful matte black finish with subtle glossy highlights to reveal the design and details. The unique glossy black details reflect the light, changing the design from ultra black to bright white.

We are offering the Blvckout Bundle which includes 2x Blvck Playing Cards Packs, 4x Premium 'All Black' Dice with complimentary gift packaging included for the ultimate Blvck experience.

This is perfect as a gift, a collectible or as an addition to your current card decks. A truly unique and one-of-a-kind item that is sure to amaze.

- Regular Poker Size Cards

- 52 cards in a deck (with 2 Jokers)

- Matte black finish with Glossy Black Highlights

- Blvckout Bundle includes: 1x Double Pack, 4x Black Dice made in stainless steel, 1x Premium Gift/Storage Packaging.

10. Blvck Genesis NFT

Unlock access to discounts on with a Blvck Pass, only available with a Blvck Genesis NFt. Gain access to exclusive brand events, dedicated social media channels on Discord and access to the Blvck Ecosystem.

You can find out more on & get your NFT from our OpenSea collection:


11. 'Blvck x Coup' Saber Case

We are proud to re-introduce our holiday champagne collection with Coup Champagne. 

Celebrate with the limited edition 'Blvck x Coup' bottle of La Cuvée Brut Champagne by Dumangin in matte black. For this holiday collaboration, we are introducing  two luxurious Titanium Coated Black Stainless Steel Flutes.

Explore our champagne collaboration with Coup here. Perfect