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Blvckmoji: New Version, Android Update & Q&A

After the first release of Blvckmoji app, we have received a lot of questions from our community. We listened to your feedback and the second version for iOS is now available! This new version includes new stickers you won't be able to find anywhere else!

Please note that in order to update the WhatsApp version, you would need to delete the current stickers and then add them again.

For android users, the version is now available to use for WhatsApp only on Google Play, please use the link below:

Please see below some questions we have received from you on the first version. We are already working on the next update with in-text emojis 🖤

1. Why is it stickers, and not emojis?

We started developing the Blvckmoji app on iOS12 and were working on in-text "real" emojis. Since the launch of iOS13, we were unable to achieve the result we were looking for; however, we are still excited to share the first version of the app with you. We are in continuous correspondence with the App Review team to come up with a solution so that we can provide you with  in-text emojis. Blvckmoji stickers are now available to use on Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, iMessage and other forms of social media. We will add new stickers in the upcoming version and will provide regular updates on our plan to provide emojis. 


2. Why do you need full access?

The Blvckmoji App was thoroughly reviewed by the App Review team and approved to be published on the App Store. Any third party keyboard apps cannot operate without full access. It enables the user to download and then copy and paste the stickers. We cannot access anything that you type using your iPhone keyboard or any other third party keyboard.
When you enable Full Access, the message that appears onscreen is a standard pop-up from Apple, required for any keyboard that connects to the internet. Please rest assured that we will not have any access to your phone/information. 


3. When is the Android version coming?

The Android version will also be stickers only insofar as the technology will allow us to achieve this. Please use this link to install stickers on WhatsApp: 

4. Why is the beta version different to the current app?

For those of you that took part in our private beta testing, you will see that this release is not using the same emojis/stickers. The first version we submitted to Apple was not approved due to copyright issues. Our design team are continuously working hard on a complete new set of emojis which complies with Apple’s requirements and we will be adding new ones throughout our forthcoming updates. Emojis from our beta version are being modified to comply with Apple's policy.


5. How to use it?

We received a lot of questions on how to use the Blvckmoji App on WhatsApp. Please go back to the app and click on ‘Add on WhatsApp’. For other forms of social media, please follow the steps carefully on Blvckmoji official blog post covering how to use it.


6. What's next?

We are currently working on developing additional stickers for the app, implementing real emojis using in-text technology and adding new features such as our Blvck filters in HD and more. Stay tuned!


Julian O'hayon
co-Founder @ Blvck