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Immerse yourself with the return of our Dark Mode Series, DARKMODE03 including visually breath-taking and emotionally powerful artworks, this drop collates 5 unique and never seen before NFTs.

Visit the drop here!

We have received a lot of questions on NFTs and thought the below Q&As might help some of you... 

What is an NFT?

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are unique digital creations (art, video, song..) that's been digitally signed by the creator and uniquely identified and verifiable on the blockchain, primarily Ethereum. 

What am I buying?

When buying an NFT, you are getting a limited edition digital creation, signed by the creator.  Once the NFT has been purchased, you will own the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes. You can also re-sell the artwork on a secondary market.

How to buy NFTs

There are a few things to consider when buying an NFT, especially if it is your first time doing so. You will need to decide what marketplace to buy from, what type of digital wallet is required to store it and what kind of cryptocurrency you'll need to complete the sale.

In the case of our drop, the DARKMODE series, you can buy on by creating an account with them.  

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a software that enables you to store and retrieve your cryptocurrencies

Why collecting NFTs? 

There are a few various reasons why people decide to start collecting digital art. 

With the introduction of blockchain technology, digital art cannot be easy to copy and distribute. Collectors can now own an authenticated original edition. 

One of the most popular reasons is the love for the artwork and wanting to connect with the artwork by owning it or to support the artist. 

Another popular reason is to see it as an investment. The value of digital art usually appreciates over time and can be resold at a higher price in the future. 

Another reason is for the love of collecting and be part of a community where you can meet people with the same love for the artworks, brand and artist. 


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