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How to edit your photos like Blvck Paris in Lightroom

The team at Blvck Paris has been asked numerous times about their photo editing process and how to turn your photos minimal and dark. 

As part of their new digital offer, Blvck Paris is now offering their 5 custom filters to turn your photos dark. It is the official filter used on their popular Instagram feed.

Be prepared to edit your photos in just a few clicks with Lightroom and transform your feed.

 Why Lightroom?

Most professional photographers, influencers and people who simply enjoy taking photos use Lightroom. It's one of the most powerful tool to edit your photos. You have the option to edit your photos yourself or buy presets to create the effect you are looking for, in just one click.

Introducing Blvck Presets: 5 filters for 5 different moods

The Blvck preset pack comes with 5 different filters.

Original Photo. In this example, we are using four different photos with each filter to show the different aesthetic each preset has to offer.

1. Blvck Signature Preset: give the 'Blvck Paris' signature filter to your photos. This preset is the most used one on the Blvck Paris instagram feed using their signature tones.

2. Pitch Black Preset: give a bold and dark filter to your photos with striking contrast. 

3. Faded Preset: give a dreamy and soft mood to your photos.

4. Rainbow Preset: give a dramatic and moody filter to your photos.

5. Whte Preset: give the 'Whte Paris' signature filter to your photos 

This preset is the most used one on the Whte Paris instagram feed using their signature tones