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Blvckmoji Official Release

Update: Blvckmoji is now officially out for iOS users and you can download it via the AppStore.

We would like to thank the 10.000 people who participated in our Beta testing and provided feedback. This new set of stickers and emojis is completely different and new. Please read steps below carefully on how to use the stickers, emojis and keyboard. 

Note for Android users: an Android version is under the making, please subscribe to the Blvcklist to be notified when it drops.


What is Blvckmoji?

Blvckmoji Emojis Set 1

The Blvckmoji app is an official Blvck Paris emoji app available for download on iOS. The app allows users to install a 'Blvck' keyboard to send emojis and stickers to their friends and family. The first version features a selective set of 45+ exclusive emojis and 29 stickers. 

Once the keyboard has been installed within your settings, the BlvckMoji app can be used via most messaging apps.


How to download -- 3 steps

Step 1: Click here to download.

The App is free of charge to download on the AppStore and use. 

Step 2: Enable the keyboard.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Blvck

Step 3: Allow full access

Tick the option to allow full access. You are now all set to use the Blvckmoji app!


How to use 


On Whats App, you can also use them as Stickers. To do so, go on the Blvckmoji App and click once on 'Add to Whats App'.

Blvckmoji WhatsApp


On Instagram, you can add any emojis to you story by 'copy and past' from the Blvckmoji keyboard.

Blvckmoji Instagram


You can use as stickers by selecting the 'Blvck' Stickers.

Blvckmoji iMessage