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Blvck Card

Product is personalised and made on demand. Shipping takes 3-4 weeks from the order.

Introducing a sleek, minimalistic Blvck Business Card with fully integrated NFC technology. Personalise your card in the Blvck Style and make a lasting impression. Our business cards are the perfect way to communicate with new friends and potential business connections alike - giving you complete marketing and networking versatility. Now you are no longer confined to the four corners of a paper business card. You can instantly share contact details, websites, socials, videos and much more. How to Install it: Step 1: Purchase your Blvck NFC Card and customise it with the name you would like it to appear on the card. Once purchased, look out for a confirmation email from us. Step 2: Set Up your Blvck Profile on Add your contact details, social media accounts and more. Step 3: Once you have received your card, follow the steps below to activate it. How to active your NFC Card: The Set Up should take you just a few minutes! 1. Head to the App store/ Google Store on your smartphone and search for the “NFC tools” app. Download and open it.