5 Ways To Black Out Your High-Tech

If you like the colour black as much as I do, your High-Tech is probably already 'all black'. However, if you want to start by adding a touch of black to your accessories, this article might just be for you...

Here are our selection of the 5 best ways to black out your High-Tech:

1. Get a Black Case for your High-Tech

It may sound obvious but having a matte black case for your AirPods, Phone and Laptop, will directly add this black touch and is therefore our top and easiest  recommendation. At Blvck Paris, our speciality is to black out your lifestyle and you can find them all shopping with us. 

Blvck matte black iPhone caseShop here: https://blvck.com/products/iphone-case

2. Apply an 'All Black' MacBook Skin 

If you haven't heard of a black MacBook skin, you are definitely missing out. It is by far the sexiest way to make your MacBook stand out. The skin wraps your device inside & out to give a stealthy, protective, matte black vibe to your MacBook. 


Shop here: https://blvck.com/products/blvck-macbook-skin


3. Get a Painted Black High-Tech 

You can buy some High-Tech directly in black instead of the traditional color. For example, gadget customization company ColorWare is selling AirPods in black. Our co-founder Julian owns a pair and is highly recommending them. However, if not buying directly from Apple, I would strongly advise to make your research on the company selling them, you do have a lot of scams out there. At Blvck Paris, we do not sell AirPods and only sell the cases. 

Matte Black Airpods

Shop here: https://www.colorware.com

4. Get 'All Black' accessories to compliment your High-Tech

Protecting your High-Tech is as important as customizing it and you can do that in style too! For example, getting an all black MacBook sleeve offers this luxurious feel. 
Blvck MacBook Sleeve - Black Saffiano leather

5. A simple and free way... Wallpapers

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that you can style your laptop or mobile screen savers with our wallpapers series. We update and add new ones regularly. It is by far the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to add a memorable 'all black' look to your devices.
Joker Blvck Wallpaper


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